Social Program


The delegates will not have to worry about most of the meals. Just, in order to keep up the meeting timetable, the attendees are kindly asked to proceed quickly to the restaurants or buffet immediately after the session finishes.

Accompanying Persons (Guests)

The accompanying person (guest) registration allows the guest to attend. The visit and reception on Sunday evening The Monday social event starting at 13:00 with lunch, participation as an activist or passivist in the activities and in the gala dinner, to be held at 20:00 at the Marriot Pinnacle Hotel.


Each year at CinC, Monday afternoon is set aside to facilitate a social event. This is an important part of the conference program as it allows attendees to network and relax in a more informal setting away from the scientific sessions. It is also the opportunity to uncover Vancouver. Please consider the following remarks: All social program participants are required to wear their CinC badges. As the social program starts immediately after the sessions, the participants may consider comfortable informal dress for the whole-day. However the dressing code for the gala dinner should not be streetwear style ! The social program will start at 13:00 on Monday with lunch at the Conference Venue. As it is traditional in the Computing in Cardiology Social Program, participants can choose between Activist or Passivist activities on the registration website.

The attendees are grouped as activist and passivists and the activities will start at 2 PM and finish at 6 PM.


Your tour of Vancouver will start with a cruise aboard the Pride of Vancouver. The sightseeing boat will depart from Bayshore West Marina in Coal Harbour and cruise to the culturally historic Granville Island where you will have one hour to visit the artisan shops and the world famous market. To help plan your time on the island click here. After your exploration of the Island the boat will then cruise out of False Creek, past English Bay and over to West Vancouver; it here where some of the most beautiful views of the Pacific sunsets and Vancouver Island are found. Not surprisingly, this is also where some of the most expensive properties in Canada are. The boat will then proceed on a leisurely course back under the Lions Gate Bridge, past Stanley Park, around the inner harbor, and back to the marina.


Vancouver is about outdoors activities and nature. As such we have been planning a very active, activist program this year, which will also show you some natural beauties of Vancouver.

The activist group will be given a bicycle. You can find a map of cycling routes around Vancouver here .

Do not forget that you are responsible to return your bike to the same place you took it from and make sure you will make it to the Gala Dinner on time.

Please be very careful on the bike as there is a local traffic at some points and do follow your leads in every group. You have an option to leave the group at any point but you need to make sure to return your bike to the same place you took it from and make it to the Gala dinner on time.

There are two options for activist group.

Option 1 (Activist): We will be taking the seaside bike route. (Voted #1 in the area) around Stanley Park  and all the way to Telus World of Science. You will get a bike from a bike rental place on cross section of Denman and Georgia streets. The bikers are divided to three or four groups lead by host volunteers. You will bike around Stanley Park and follow the Sea Wall all the way to Telus World of Science and back to the Bike Rental shop. This path is shown in red on the  map .  

Option 2 (Super-Activist): Those who want more physical challenge, super-activist, will be lead to north of the park where there is a great view at Prospect Point. This will happen after they have done the same rout as the activist group. The super-activist path is in blue in  map

Gala Dinner

The last event on Monday is the Gala Dinner. The Gala dinner will happen at Telus World of Science, on the south eastern part of downtown, accessible by Skytrain station,as in map D. From Burrad station (the closest station to the Marriot Hotel) there will be three stations to Main Street station, which is few minutes walk from the Telus World of Science.You could also walk to there in about 30 minutes. The doors are oprn at 6:45 and dinner is served at 7:30. Make sure to make it on time to the dinner. After the dinner there will be entertainment planned for you.